Geoff Ramm

Revamping Customer Experience: A Website Redesign for Renowned Speaker Geoff Ramm

Geoff Ramm is a renowned public speaker who is trusted by global brands to create the gap in their customer service experience they never knew existed. Geoff is a long-standing client, and our latest project together was a redesign of his website and online book store.

Our team worked closely with Geoff to create a seamless mobile experience, optimizing the website for easy navigation and accessibility. With a focus on improving user experience, we ensured that the site design highlights Geoff’s expertise and enables visitors to quickly and easily find the resources they need.

At our core, we believe in crafting websites that not only look great, but also serve their intended purpose. Through our collaboration with Geoff, we gained an in-depth understanding of his unique needs and objectives, and applied that knowledge to his website redesign with resounding success.

Jonathan Porter | ne-web

Geoff Ramm

Project Website
Sector Public Speaker
Client Geoff Ramm
Completed 2020