Dunelm Geotechnical & Environmental Ltd, a leading specialist in geotechnical and environmental solutions, trusted ne-web to create a modern online presence for their business. Our design approach for their website was centered around a modern and fresh look, utilising impactful photographs and videos. The website serves as an informative hub, showcasing Dunelm’s services, the sectors they work in, and providing contact information for both their head office and regional branches.


At CAD21, innovation and sustainability are at the forefront of their mission. With a commitment to finding new and efficient solutions, it’s no wonder they chose ne-web to design and develop their cutting-edge website. Our shared values made for a seamless and impactful collaboration.


APTUS is a leading commercial refurbishment and fit-out company driven by a shared purpose: to revolutionize spaces and craft exceptional interiors that ignite inspiration and drive excellence. It’s with this unwavering commitment in mind that APTUS teamed up with ne-web to design a website that perfectly reflects their brand and embodies their values.

FirstLite LED

Boasting over a decade of expertise in the LED industry, FirstLite has established itself as a top supplier of LED modules in the UK. With a focus on both manufacturing and developing state-of-the-art LED solutions, FirstLite sought out ne-web to create a website that would reflect their position as a leader in the field. The result was a sleek, innovative online presence that showcases their commitment to excellence.


For over two centuries, the name Thurston has been synonymous with excellence in the sport of billiards and snooker. Our collaboration with this esteemed brand has been ongoing for many years, and we are proud to have recently completed a custom Wordpress theme for their website and online store, further strengthening our partnership.


As a valued long-term client, golfworx has relied on our partnership for numerous updates to their website over the years. Our latest collaboration saw the creation of a cutting-edge Wordpress theme, featuring a custom integration of WooCommerce that enables golf enthusiasts to personalise and purchase golf clubs and accessories with ease. We are proud to have played a role in elevating their online presence and supporting their continued success.

MAD Communications

MAD Communications stands out as a leading independent agency specializing in copywriting, PR, and social media. Embracing the digital age, they boldly declare, “Digital is what we do.” It’s no surprise then, that they chose ne-web to craft a website that reflects their cutting-edge brand and embodies their sleek, modern style.

Geoff Ramm

Geoff Ramm is a renowned public speaker who is trusted by global brands to create the gap in their customer service experience they never knew existed. Geoff is a long-standing client, and our latest project together was a redesign of his website and online book store.

Philip Taphouse

At ne-web, we had the privilege of collaborating on a special project for Philip Taphouse. Our mission was to create a sleek and bold website that served as a professional space for his blog, social media feeds and contact details.


‘ecocabs’ are focused on low emission vehicles, operating a fleet of hybrid and electric taxis and minibuses across the North East. With the slogan “Next Generation” as their guiding principle, it’s no surprise they chose to collaborate with ne-web in creating a cutting-edge website that embodies their progressive values and vision.

CY Partners

A specialist recruitment agency deeply rooted in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech science communities, CY Partners has been a valued partner of ne-web for many years. They trust us to provide innovative and technically sound solutions for their website and jobs board, reflecting our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Moving & Improving

At the forefront of a revolution in the UK property industry, Moving and Improving is a passionate team of professionals committed to enhancing the home moving experience. They entrusted ne-web with the task of creating a state-of-the-art, responsive website and a cutting-edge property portal that would reflect their innovative spirit and elevate their online presence.

Intelligent Auto

Setting themselves apart as more than just a standard garage, Intelligent Auto leverages cutting-edge electronic and electro-mechanical systems to diagnose and resolve even the most complex vehicle issues. Recognising their unique capabilities, they selected ne-web to build a website and blog that effectively highlights their skills and expertise. The result is an site that truly showcases their exceptional skills and sets them apart in their field.

Security Doctor

Security Doctor is a renowned expert in the field of smart alarm systems, offering unparalleled installation, maintenance, and repair services. Their goal was to increase their online presence and achieve top rankings for relevant search terms, and they knew ne-web was the ideal partner to make it happen.

Northern Smiles

Northern Smiles Dental got a fresh, modern look courtesy of our website rebuild. We transformed their outdated site into a sleek, mobile-friendly platform. Beyond aesthetics, we delved into SEO, strategically targeting keywords on service pages and creating location-specific content for robust local search optimisation.

Dairy Lane Dental Practice

Dairy Lane Dental, led by the esteemed clinicians Pat Kilker and Graham Thomson, is dedicated to delivering exceptional dental care with an unparalleled attention to detail. Our mission was to redesign and modernize their website, infusing it with a clean, fresh design and a user-friendly layout.

Eco Cycle Adventures

With a passion for bikes and over 10 years of experience, Eco Cycle Adventures specialise in cycle holidays, transportation, and bike rentals. Our collaboration centred on creating a mobile-friendly website that showcases their expertise and offerings.

Thomas Rogerson

Our collaboration with Thomas Rogerson resulted in a captivating online presence that reflects their prestigious heritage. The mobile-friendly website showcases their impeccable craftsmanship and offers insights into the captivating history of the brand. With effortless navigation and convenient contact options, users can now experience the essence of timeless elegance in every step.