Philip Taphouse

Unleashing Innovation: A Bold New Website for ‘The ITOM Guy’

At ne-web, we had the privilege of collaborating on a special project for Philip Taphouse. Our mission was to create a sleek and bold website that served as a professional space for his blog, social media feeds and contact details.

The fully bespoke design and custom WordPress theme development allowed us to bring Philip’s expertise to life and present ‘The ITOM Guy’ as an industry leader in the field of IT Operations Management.

At ne-web, we’re excited about the opportunity to work with industry leaders like Philip Taphouse. The modern design we produced showcases his vision while providing visitors with a seamless user experience. We’re proud to be part of Philip’s journey in unleashing innovation.

Jonathan Porter | ne-web

Philip Taphouse

Project Website
Sector ITOM
Client Philip Taphouse
Completed 2023