IMB Worksurfaces

ne-web Crafts Sophisticated Online Presence for High-End Worksurfaces Specialist

IMB specializes in crafting and installing premium high-end worksurfaces made from the finest materials, such as DuPont Corian and LG Hi-Macs. To match their impeccable standards and commitment to detail, IMB sought out ne-web to design a website that truly embodies the essence of their brand. The result is a sophisticated online presence that accurately reflects their exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Crafting and installing high-end worksurfaces requires exceptional attention to detail and quality, and IMB’s website reflects this commitment to excellence. The website’s sophisticated design captures the essence of the brand, conveying a sense of luxury and exclusivity that perfectly complements the premium materials used in their products.

Our team worked closely with IMB to create a sophisticated online presence that perfectly captures the luxury and exclusivity of their products. The website’s mobile-responsive design ensures that visitors can easily access the site on any device, while the stunning visuals and informative content showcase the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into each work surface.

Jonathan Porter | ne-web

IMB Worksurfaces

Project Website
Sector Retail
Client IMB Worksurfaces
Completed 2021