What to Avoid When Running a Social Media Campaign for Your Business

Social media is becoming an integral part of online marketing, with endless opportunities to build relationships and communicate directly with potential clients. As social media continues to shine, more and more businesses are taking to the idea of promoting their services online via popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more recently Pinterest.

In principle this is a good idea but are you wasting your time? Businesses are setting up accounts with good intention but without expert guidance are failing to make any impact or return from their efforts and often leave the accounts to collect dust.

Running a successful social media campaign across multiple platforms takes time and dedication on a daily basis, this is where most businesses fail. Although it’s good to reserve your name on all platforms, refrain from signing up to every account under the sun unless you have time set aside to post content on a regular basis. We recommend focusing on the platforms with the highest returning traffic – Facebook and Twitter.

A common mistake businesses make when posting content to social media sites is they think one size fits all, copying and pasting the same message into all platforms. Each platform has its own audience which you need to consider when writing content.

Finally, remember your number 1 goal is to interact and build relationships. Respond to any questions and follow users back. Ask questions to prompt interaction and most importantly make your content interesting, this means refraining from posting something about your business and express an opinion about what’s happening in the real world.

Most companies find it difficult to set aside time to run a successful campaign, this is where ne-web can help. With over 10 years experience in online-marketing we have the knowledge and skill set to make your online presence a success.