The Conference Website


  • Website Design
  • Content Management
  • Newsletter Template Design
  • Conference Management System
  • Automatic Location Finder with Radius properties
  • Now also iPhone app developers

The Conference Website Project

Conference Connections can be thought of as an information hub for worldwide conferences. It is a free tool aimed at the conference community and is used to connect people. Conference organisers can use the site to advertise and market their conference. Delegates can register and receive e-mails informing them of the latest conferences that are relevant to them. Venues can upload their details, helping organisers with selecting the right location. Sponsors can sign up to the site and link with conferences.

The website is based on a unique matching system that joins relevant conferences with relevant users. This ensures users are only ever provided with information they want. The system generates conference matches that can be saved or deleted by individual users. Saved conferences are emailed at set intervals which helps users keep up to date with what conferences they are interested in.

The whole site has a CMS system that can be accessed by the client with just a computer and Internet connection. They can add, edit and delete their own content, build the emails that get sent out to users, upload sponsorship images and links for each conference. The client also has full control over conference, venue and organiser listings.

The site is all about information. The sole key is providing useful information to the masses in a clear, concise and quick way. The design is understated but elegant. It’s pleasing to look at without distracting from the content. Imagery is kept to a minimum to focus attention on the conferences and their sponsors.

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