The Beat Suite

Visit the website: Online Music Library (opens in a new window)

The Client

A cool and funky Royalty Free Production Music Library, featuring music tracks from some of the best producers and composers in the business.

The Task

To create a fully manageable ecommerce site where visitors from the field of creative design and media production, can purchase and download music tracks for use in their own material:

  • Fully automated online ordering, payment and delivery of music products
  • Content Management Systems for both textual and audio content
  • Searchable music library with a category management system

There were also a host of other features, like news pages and newsetter signup.

Technical Implementation

The solution was coded in php and uses a mysql database. A bespoke templating engine was used throughout the site to keep the coding separate from the design.

HTML5 is used for previewing the audio.

The look and feel of the website was designed by Aelius Design & Media.

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