GNP Equipment

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GNP Equipment is a company that trades in reconditioned industrial equipment and machinery. The main brief for the website was to get GNP’s machinery online to increase their customer audience and evidently increase sales.

Another factor was so customers could have a good look at the condition of the equipment prior to purchasing, resulting in a faster trade process and less time being wasted for the customer and GNP.

Because of this the need to be able to upload several images taken from all different angles was a must for each product.

This meant we also had to cater for images that would be uploaded in various aspect ratios, so we decided to display the full size image in an extra pop up window along with the usual thumbnail and cropped to size imagery, allowing the user to view the product from every possible angle.

The secondary purpose of the website was to help build new relationships with potential suppliers, encouraging people who may have machinery for sale to get in touch.

If you would like to showcase your products for sale to a larger audience like GNP Equipment, then please get in touch we’d love to hear from you.