Face Fine Arts


  • Website design
  • Full Ecommerce
  • Advanced Refine Search
  • Bespoke Content Management System
  • Accessibility Compliance

The Client

Face Fine Arts was founded by the artist Lynn Maria Rocks and has an ever-expanding collection of artworks in many different genres and styles available for sale to the general public. They aim to bring affordable fine art to everyone.

The Task

After being impressed with the style and success of our e-commerce websites, the client came to us requesting a professional and stylish website with our full e-commerce solution implemented for the secure sale of fine art pieces over the Internet.

Along with our shopping basket facility we also added our extremely successful advanced refine search to the website so users could easily search for and navigate through different products.

For this project our developers programmed a unique zoom feature so users could hover their mouse over a piece of artwork and view the piece in more detail. We also implemented an ‘artwork to scale’ image showing the user the size of the artwork in relation to an average sized person to help them gain more of a feeling of what the impact of the artwork would be.

The result is an elegant website which has been well planned to help give the user as much helpful information as possible in a format which is easy to understand.

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