Email Marketing Show The Best ROI of all Online Marketing Strategies

Email marketing continues to stand its ground despite social media becoming the most popular online marketing tool at businesses owners’ disposal. The rise in popularity across social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter suggested the end was near, with experts predicating that before long social media would be the death of email marketing.

Recent studies show that email marketing still produces the best return on investment (ROI) ahead of all competing strategies – we expect this to continue well into the foreseeable future. With this fact in mind, should you not be using email marketing as part of your online strategy? If you’re not, it’s likely you’re missing out on sales.

Did experts underestimate the power and influence email marketing still holds? With the highest ROI and a click through rate averaging over 3% you would have to say so, yes.

Here at ne-web we can tailor marketing campaigns depending on your companies’ needs. Expertly designed email templates fit company branding and are sure to attract more customers to your site. Contact us to get the ball rolling with an email marketing strategy and reap the rewards.