Digital Womens Network

The Client

The DWN is the network for women who work and play in Digital Media. It was formed by women keen to increase the number of women involved in digital activities across the North East. They provide events, a regular newsletter, and a chance for members to seek advice from the rest of the Network.

The Task

After consultation with Olwyn Hocking the project’s driving force and former regional head of the BBC, ne-web devised a solution that is based on the our community portal engine. This versatile and modular web based software was able to plug into the design relatively painlessly to provide a highly cost-effective solution without all the hassles associated with bespoke software programming.

The most innovative and useful feature of the system is its categorised notice board feature which powers the notices and events sections of the site to facilitate quick and easy communication between members.

  • Register once to become a member on the site
  • Post info, questions or details of forthcoming events to the notice board
  • Automatically sends the notice to interested parties by email

This means that visitors are kept up to date and don’t have to keep coming back to the site to find out if anything has changed.

Content Management System was implemented to provide easy maintenance by the DWN team, including the ability to upload images like photos and logos. This makes keeping the artist profiles and features up to date a breeze for the content managers who look after the site. The back office also offers the administrator full control over website content, including profiles, notices, event listings, features and news.

To build the system, we worked closely with the client’s chosen graphic design partner who created the identity as well as doing a great job on creative layout for the web pages.

If you are considering a solution similar to this, why not give us a call or send your enquiry via our contact page, we’d love to hear from you.