App Downloads Expected to Reach 45 Billion Per Year

With 85% of mobile phones users able to access the web whilst on the move, it’s not surprising mobile app downloads continue to thrive year after year. You may be surprised to hear that over 1 billion iPhone apps are downloaded each month via iTunes. Experts predict that downloads across android and iTunes will top 45 billion per year, as early as 2016.

The ability to browse and download apps directly to handheld devices is becoming second nature due to advanced mobile development and improved download speeds. As competition between network providers supplying 4G rises, the price is set to drop allowing even faster download speeds without having to pay an arm and a leg.

At present, over half of Smartphone owners in the UK download apps regularly – the amount of downloads will only increase as new technology is released. Can your online business afford to miss out on this traffic? It may be that your competitors already have an app and are taking your business.

The list of benefits a mobile app has to offer to eCommerce site owners is endless, open new doors and watch as your business grows from strength to strength. Expect to see the conversion rate, which is usually well below the average 2 to 4% on desktops increase by integrating payment solutions making for convenient shopping.

If you have any further questions about apps and how they would benefit your company, contact our friendly team of designers and developers who are always happy to help.