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  • Website Re-Design
  • Bespoke Content Management System
  • Enquiry form linked to a database
  • Accessibility Compliance

The Client

Acousteel manufacture their own unique sound deadened steel by constructing a laminate with an energy absorbing viscoe-elastic polymer situated between two metal skins. The result is an audibly dead steel panel.

The Task

We were asked to implement a new website for Acousteel which would be designed in a style similar to that of their sister company NIS Limited’s website, which we had also designed and implemented for them.

The feature to be focused upon in this project was the same as the NIS Limited website, the implementation of a content management system (CMS) to allow Acousteel to constantly and easily update the website content.

Other features editable using our comprehensive CMS included a news area with news articles, an area for uploading documents which users could then download, flash images of completed projects, contact details, email alerts and details when the contact form is filled out.

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